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Reference List & Customer Quotes

Cables and Transparent PVC in Perfecto means delivery in time, high quality, competitive price, and Order online.

Ahmed Ashraf, Supply Chain Manager

This is to certify that our approved supplier,

M/S Perfecto Group For Plastic – Perfecto Plast,

Who is manufacturer of Master Batches and having its factory in Cairo, Egypt, has successfully supplied us 60.1 tons of Color Master Batch as per the agreed/signed contractual terms and conditions [Contract Agreement dated Nov. 14,2011], and has successfully completed its obligations. We have tested the supplied master batches on production and the quality of the products has been found to be satisfactory and in compliance to our required standards. We hereby confirm that, Perfecto Plast, as a manufacturer, had definitely proven that it is operating and manufacturing its products in conformity with the international standards and we are been assured to depend on this manufacturer for supplying color master batches as well as to entrust the company to be registered as an approved supplier in our suppliers list.

Asmelash Kassahun, Procurement & Supply manager

Perfecto Plast is very good company, they are pioneer in their quality, delivery and they has a good and suitable price, we hope for them a fruitful future and long success

Ahmed Elkady, Supply Manager

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Perfecto Plast Black Masterbatch is the compound of high-quality carbon black pigment, virgin polyethylene, and some other additives. Black Masterbatch is used to make black coloration for plastic...
Perfecto Plast White Masterbatch is the compound of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), polymer carrier and other additives. The White masterbatch is used for adding opacity or whiteness into plastic products....
UV masterbatches are filled with UV stabilizer. These masterbatches prevent the degradation of plastic products. UV masterbatches are used in products that have to remain in open sunlight for a...
Perfecto Plast color Masterbatch is the compound of high-quality pigment, virgin polyethylene, and some other additives. color Masterbatch is used to make coloration for plastic products. It does...

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