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Why work with PERFECTO

Even though we started only in 2010 with only 10 employees, now and because of progress and growth, we reached 100 employees in 2014. When you work with PERFECTO, you will enjoy our:


We encourage our values, which are mentioned in our name to be the pillars of our culture. We hire only people with high attitudes, personalities, and ambitions. We enforce teamwork spirit and create space for our employees to share, improve and develop. We encourage explicit knowledge and no tacit knowledge based on each job's requirements.

There is no closed door even with the management, but all doors are open for talking, learning, and escalation.

No fear to say anything if it is right and in the context, and no fear to lose your job because of mistakes. We are not following hire and fire policy but hire to grave policy.


When working with us you will not lose your ambitions to develop yourself, increase your skills, learn something new, and develop your career.

Work/life balance:

You will enjoy when working with PERFECTO your work/life balance, we believe that work is important but also there is another important dimension, which is your life.

Management :

Our management are highly standard and style with great diversifications between long experience in the field and strong understanding of the business concepts and models through highly educated owners and managers. That will enable you to learn the concepts between lines and learn what is not been mentioned in the books, and enjoy the high experience in all business concepts. We believe that Management is a set of processes that can keep a complicated system of people and technology running smoothly. The most important aspects of management include planning, budgeting, organizing, staffing, controlling, and problem-solving. We recognize that Leadership is a set of processes that creates organizations in the first place or adapts them to significantly changing circumstances. Leadership defines what the future should look like, aligns people with that vision, and inspires them to make it happen despite the obstacles. We believe in delegation, innovation, and personality and the leader is a dealer in hope.

News & Events

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Perfecto Plast White Masterbatch is the compound of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), polymer carrier and other additives. The White masterbatch is used for adding opacity or whiteness into plastic products....
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Perfecto Plast color Masterbatch is the compound of high-quality pigment, virgin polyethylene, and some other additives. color Masterbatch is used to make coloration for plastic products. It does...

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