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Our Production

Masterbatch production

The first stage of production is to weigh, mix and pre-blend the formula. We ensure a thorough clean-down between mixes and all pigments are kept in separate containers to stop any contamination.

The extruder is given a full clean before processing, and to ensure no contamination is present once production is running. Production is run through our extruders ensuring all customer specifications are met. All of our machines are the very latest in high speed, high torque, co-rotating, twin-screw technology, and this ensures excellent dispersion as well as being an efficient production method. Quality checks are performed to ensure color, strength, and dispersion. The master batch is then run off into bags and labeled. A final visual check is done before the product is sent.

PVC production

The compounding of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with some additives (heat stabilizers, plasticizers, impact modifiers, process aids, lubricants, fillers, flame retardants, pigments, blowing agents, biocides, viscosity modifiers, anti-static agents, antioxidants, UV absorbs, anti-fogging agents and bonding agents Were mixed in the standard concentration unit .parts per hundred resins (PHR). With base polymer) was studied for the enhancement of physical and mechanical properties. PVC is one of the few synthetic polymers that have wide practical applications. This widespread use arises from a high degree of chemical resistance and a truly unique ability to be mixed with additives to give a large number of reproducible PVC compounds with a wider range of physical, chemical and biological properties than any other plastic material.

  • Two categories of formulations {un-plasticized (rigid) and plasticized PVC (soft)} were prepared with PVC (K value ranging from 60 to 70) taking as the base polymer.
  • Cable compound and shoe compound were prepared in the plasticized-PVC category whereas the rigid fitting, pipe, and sheet compounds were prepared in the un-plasticized PVC category.
  • PVC Compounds are used extensively both in pellet and dry blend forms for a wide variety of products ranging from flexible to rigid, plasticized to un-plasticized for the manufacture of items like pipes, conduits, tubing, cables, shoes, footwear, films, sheathing, molded products, etc.


PVC processing through

  • Extrusion (wire, cables, gasket, pipes, tubing, and packaging film)
  • injection (fitting, footwear, and sols)
  • calendaring {flooring and roofing (waterproofing, tablecloths, and transparent film)}


News & Events

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