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Our People

Perfecto do believe that Progress is not been created by contented people and consider People as the most important asset in the organization. We believe our people who make success to our products and our organization. We know that there are three types of people: those who innovate, those who imitate, and those who wonder, for that, not the ordinary people who make the difference but the people who has a very good attitude, personality, thought and ambition to make difference. Our rule is to hire people for attitude and train them for skill. We are not only concentrating on finding the right people. However, sometimes It is just as important, to get rid of the wrong ones. We know that one machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men but No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man. We attract, develop and try to retain our people by training them vertically and horizontally, increase their skills, respect their opinions, involve and empower them to take decisions, and have an eye on their quality of life. Moreover we recognize that difference in ages, physical ability, thinking style, different background bring richness to our work environment. We are trying to clarify the career path to everyone based on his capability and organization needs. All of this inside environment and values mentions that team spirit , no discrimination, fair opportunities, no cheat, no bribery, be honest and be frank.

News & Events

April........ Ethio 5P in Ethiopia during the period from 29th April till 2nd May 2017 at Adis Ababa Exhibition Center - Ethiopia.
Our new products ......Coming Soon
October 2014 : Find us at Ethiopia plast 2014
November 2014 : Find us at Kenya plast 2014

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